“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Ronald Reagan

Who am ‘I’ the author?

Who ‘I’ am should not really matter to you, surely this should be more a question for ME?

However ‘I’ understand your curiosity and no doubt suspicions of this work, however it’s found its way to you right now, which ‘I’ could not have had 100% control of yet here you are reading these words… The fact all this is also by an ‘anonymous’ author calling themselves m0r4ph3u5 (pronounced Morpheus) must also be getting your Spidey-sense tingling ๐Ÿ™‚

‘I’ actually applaud your inquiring mind for still engaging in such critical thinking in these times of ‘fake news’ and apparent ‘disinformation’ – ‘I’ am simply ONE fellow Human, who happened to be born in the western world.

However the reason ‘I’ also let you know about my western world upbringing is that I’m fully aware there will be many cultural biases and experiences ‘I’ might not have fully shaken off despite my best intentions. This is also despite travelling and meeting countless fellow Humans like you across 4 of our amazing and diverse continents during MY time on this planet so far.

‘I’ will also share that ‘I’ have taken every opportunity ‘I’ or life has given ME to escape a pretty ‘tough’ childhood (by western standards). MY biological parents, like us all, suffered from their own frailties and doubts which ultimately originated in their own childhood experiences. Unfortunately, for both them and me, they didn’t manage to break the cycle of pain and hurt they had suffered in their childhoods before trying to raise me, despite various coping mechanisms they tried. As a result of these shared and perpetuated traumas, ‘I’ had to grow up pretty quick whilst trying to figure a lot of this life stuff out myself. ‘I’ certainly wish ‘I’ had access to words such as this when ‘I’ was struggling to find meaning during my childhood and early adulthood.

The circumstances you are born into are not of your initial choosing but you have FULL CONTROL of how many of these you accept as defining you and therefore which you take with you on life’s greater journey.


Why so little about me then? Am ‘I’ some evil Russian / American / Other Country / bad actor or part of some disinformation project or maybe some wannabe cult leader looking to hoodwink you

Hopefully, once you have read more of MY words you will not think any of the above and understand my rationale for MY anonymity better but the simplest explanation ‘I’ can give you is this…

This work was simply not written to publicly inflate MY ego via external validation like many others choose to do. Also the act of NOT identifying myself to you by many of the societal labelling systems means ‘I’ am also not betraying the authenticity of the ideas ‘I’ am trying to convey to you.

For instance, would you knowing the colour of the skin ‘I’ was born with change in some way how valid you think my words are? Would you knowing the human genitalia ‘I’ was born with make a difference to your appraisal of any of these words worth? What about what ‘I’ like to do with that genitalia or the genitalia of those ‘I’ like to express my deepest human love and sexual energy with? Would this knowledge maybe trigger some prejudices or social conditioning you might not even be aware of and then cloud your acceptance of these words that are simply intended as a gift from one Human to another?

Given all the above, these particular words and MY particular way of expressing them to you via this text are MY current best attempt at altruism, the best way ‘I’ currently know how. 

The world needs far more altruistic people at the moment rather than yet more ego filled ‘individuals’ who are being manipulated by mass media, money and corporations if WE Humans are going to have any chance of changing OUR shared futures for the better.

All ‘I’ can try to be, and ‘I’ think all WE can ever try to be as Humans really, is the best version of ourselves.

Hopefully, if ‘I’ can do that then that is good enough for both myself and your acceptance of MY words which will help us both on OUR respective journeys which ‘I’ hope you continue via the medium you are reading these words on now…