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In order to fundamentally change MY personal circumstances or overall behaviour over my lifetime, ‘I’ can now look back and pinpoint several pivotal moments in my life when MY whole life took a new direction or meaning via what ‘I’ now know is called an epiphany.

‘I’ had never really considered what the word epiphany meant until writing this documentation and had probably, honestly, dismissed it as some sort of religious thing that didn’t apply to ME. However MY last epiphany was actually the main reason ‘I’ started writing this documentation and am now trying to create a Human ReEvolution movement.

All of sudden, after a sequence of unexpected events, ‘I’ could suddenly see that certain aspects of MY behaviour and life choices were preventing ME from achieving MY soul’s purpose. This realisation, was completely out of the blue and it’s no exaggeration that over the days following this the whole World seemed more vibrant and exciting – like a hidden layer or weight had been lifted from ME.

The following quote is courtesy of one the World’s leading behavioural scientists and his opinion on the importance of such epiphanies is pretty high…​

“I’ve researched human behavior for over 20 years at Stanford University.

I’ve learned that only 3 things will change your behavior in the long term. 

Option A:  Have an epiphany
Option B:  Change your environment
Option C:  Take baby steps

Creating an epiphany is difficult. So rule out Option A unless you have magical powers—I don’t.”

BJ Fogg, PhD, Director, Behavior Design Lab, Stanford University via https://www.tinyhabits.com

Using BJ Fogg’s points above, ‘I’ also don’t think ‘I’ have magical powers BUT ‘I’ do think ‘I’ can lay the foundations for you to hopefully have a better chance of having epiphanies via this documentation!

So let’s remind ourselves what an Epiphany is…

Epiphany – a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you

Cambridge.org Dictionary

To investigate further what others think an Epiphany is read this blog post or alternatively if you don’t want to read yet another blog post then kick back and watch this TEDx video from Elise Ballard

Time Out

Have you ever experienced an Epiphany? Did your life change as a result? Are you sure you would notice an epiphany with all your current distractions, work commitments etc?

‘I’ think there are multiple ways you can increase the chances of having an epiphany but ‘I’ believe the most effective route is by peeling back the layers of your life experiences and questioning everything you think you know up until this exact point.

The reason ‘I’ say this is similar to what you have already seen earlier in this chapter, you have like all other Humans, inherited prejudices and been socially conditioned in some way to think and act certain ways. Any one of the following concepts in the next chapter may be the one blocking you from being you and without truly being you it’s very hard for you to effect the change in the World WE fellow Humans need…

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