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“You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the World. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999

Yes the first quote you see in this documentation is from a 20 year old science fiction film whose main premise was (spoiler alert) that our human minds are all living in an artificial computer simulation called The Matrix.

If using such a modern popular media based quote annoys you in some way then please take a deep breath and give me at least another few paragraphs to try and keep your attention. Alternatively ignore what ‘I’ have just said and simply follow the first of many links ‘I’ have taken the time to curate and read for you already, which is about simulated reality to see how some very ‘clever’ people think the seemingly absurd Hollywood movie idea above might not be so far fetched!

The point ‘I’ am trying to make here, so early on on OUR journey together is that ‘I’ am fully aware of how powerful cognitive bias and social conditioning can be when approaching both old and new concepts, views and behaviours as like it or not, all of us Humans suffer from these, at least to some extent.

Hopefully though, you have now come back from looking at the first few links I have given you or are ploughing on regardless so ‘I’ will continue… you did visit at least one of them right?

As you can see from making it this far into my brief and rather link heavy introduction, ‘I’ will frequently place links to external web sites, research papers, songs, videos and items from those who ‘I’ found interesting or ‘I’ personally think are at the forefront of our Human knowledge and understanding of the topics ‘I’ am discussing. These links are there to allow you to start the process of self directed learning in order to understand a topic or idea more than ‘I’ can convey alone.

Are these the ‘best’ links or works of their type about each topic or concept ‘I’ am talking about on the whole of the internet? Probably not. Are these an exhaustive list of opposing views on each topic ‘I’ am discussing? Nope. These links were simply the ‘best’ ones ‘I’ found at the time of writing to convey what ‘I’ wanted to you so you can hopefully be inspired enough to continue reading this documentation AND take personal responsibility to read around the particular topics ‘I’ am trying to convey to you at the time of writing.

‘I’ can imagine you are now thinking… “Hang on, are you are saying I’m going to have to click on lots of links to actually do some work myself?” and the answer is yes you are!

This is a SELF-help web site

However this self-help web site is certainly NOT like yet another self-help style book from a self proclaimed ‘expert’ telling you that ‘I’ can magically solve some or ALL of the universal Human problems WE all share via a few wise words or a magic formula!

The reason ‘I’ can’t do this for you is the same reason no other self-help type book or web site alone has ever made you or anyone else truly happy in themselves for long… the clue is in the name – SELF help.

However in addition to you having to do some of the work in our time together, WE need to agree that self improvement can never be a one time ‘final’ fix. Self improvement and personal growth should be seen as a life long journey for as long as you are lucky enough to experience the miracle of Human life.

You can start this personal growth right now by breaking bad habits or questioning beliefs and values you think you hold dear no matter who first gave you these.

“We are our choices.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

Crucially, self improvement means being an ACTIVE driver in your life and not simply a passenger in your one and only physical life WE believe WE have. Do you really want to be sat listening to other people’s satnavs for the rest of your life? ‘I’ am sure when you have done this passively in the past it has led you to previously take several ‘wrong turns’ in your own life which wouldn’t have happened if you had just listened to your gut instinct or intuition…

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

‘I’ should also state early in our time together that ‘I’ don’t really consider myself an expert in anything other than in MY own life and MY own experiences.

Am ‘I’ a professional therapist? Nope. Did ‘I’ study Philosophy or Psychology at University? Nope. Am ‘I’ a famous author writing anonymously due to fear of jeopardising MY ‘career’? Nope. My only ‘qualification’ to write and set up #HumanReEvolution movement (if formal qualifications still matter to you), is that ‘I’ am a fellow Human who felt compelled to share MY thoughts, MY ideas and MY suggestions with you in order to try and help you and other fellow Humans make sense of themselves and possibly then help reshape OUR World. If you really want to know more about ME then this page might help 😉

“A good philosopher is not, is never an original thinker, who invents some incredible new thoughts. They are a very good mirror of what is already happening. They put into language what everybody else just feels.”


All ‘I’ ask of you is that you approach these words as a free, random act of kindness that came about simply from another Human’s conscious decision to try and help others. This was after several recent events in my life resulted in yet another personal, non religious epiphany for ME.

If you can then accept this free gift from ME, then hopefully you will also start to believe, as ‘I’ now do, that that EVERYTHING in this Universe is connected in ways WE don’t fully understand but through OUR intentional and authentic acts, the World CAN be changed for the better.

Is this really just a book?

‘I’ initially planned to release a first edition of this project as an electronic book. However taking the theoretical construct all Humans understand and call time – a traditional book is really just a single still frame in time capturing a particular point in the evolution of the author’s overall thoughts on a subject.

A traditional author doesn’t write hundreds of editions of the same non fiction book and Scientific and Economic research papers once published, are simply referenced going forward and not revised multiple times. Standard non fiction books are therefore ‘outdated’ as soon as they are sent to be printed, never mind when each copy actually reaches book stores or internet retailers warehouses.

Therefore, in the same way ‘I’ believe WE Humans should continue to grow and evolve during OUR lives, in order to truly live fully, it’s MY intention that this text will also grow and evolve as long as ‘I’ can continue MY own journey of life and not be restricted by the limitations of the traditonal printed form.

A dynamic collaborative Human knowledge base

‘I’ would therefore suggest you approach this web site and text as more like a two way Human Knowledge Base where you can provide feedback on ALL pages via the mechanisms ‘I’ have put in place here. If you can support the #HumanReEvolution, then this ever changing knowledge base or educational convergence space, will hopefully continue to grow and help enable ALL of us Humans to grow and evolve further together 🙏

The accompanying agile and dynamic #HumanReEvolution movement started on 1/1/2020 when people like you started reading and seeing these words of mine. Hopefully though, this is only the start of a process that you and others like you will take part in during OUR time together.

However for us ALL to have a strong chance of effecting real change in the wider World you must start taking PERSONAL responsibility for ALL of your choices and actions

Is is only by acting intentionally, both online and offline in the ‘real’ World you can effect REAL change and you can start this right now!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the World.”

Anne Frank

Structure and Format

‘I’ should also probably explicitly acknowledge, and explain, MY constant use of ‘I’ rather than just I when referring to myself here. ‘I’ have done this to acknowledge a wider understanding of the self in the context of consciousness. This link explains how others throughout history, have used similar when dealing with such concepts.

MY constant use of a bold you is also another deliberate style ‘I’ am testing out as it’s my intention that as the writer, by using this technique, it might imply ‘I’ am speaking to your core or soul. ‘I’ am very aware this interpretation is down to you however, ‘I’ have also found, in early limited feedback, that it can also (at least initially) actively disrupt the passive reading of such text. Moving away from passive reading to something known as active reading can be incredibly beneficial to you in the long term 🙏

During this knowledge base, ‘I’ will also be posting frequent definitions of ideas and concepts relevant to OUR time together. Here is the first ‘I’ want to share with you – something defined on Wikipedia as Virtual Collective Consciousness. Please also note, any emphasis added to any quotes like the following in this documentation is usually mine…

Virtual collective consciousness (VCC) is a term rebooted and promoted by two behavioural scientists, Yousri Marzouki and Olivier Oullier in their 2012 Huffington Post article titled: “Revolutionizing Revolutions: Virtual Collective Consciousness and the Arab Spring”,[1] after its first appearance in 1999-2000.[2] VCC is now defined as an internal knowledge catalyzed by social media platforms and shared by a plurality of individuals driven by the spontaneity, the homogeneity, and the synchronicity of their online actions.[3]

VCC occurs when a large group of persons, brought together by a social media platform think and act with one mind and share collective emotions.[4] Thus, they are able to coordinate their efforts efficiently, and could rapidly spread their word to a worldwide audience.[5] When interviewed about the concept of VCC that appeared in the book – Hyperconnectivity and the Future of Internet Communication – he edited,[6] Professor of Pervasive ComputingAdrian David Cheok mentioned the following: “The idea of a global (collective) virtual consciousness is a bottom-up process and a rather emergent property resulting from a momentum of complex interactions taking place in social networks. This kind of collective behaviour (or intelligence) results from a collision between a physical world and a virtual world and can have a real impact in our life by driving collective action.[7]

Wikipedia contributors, ‘Virtual collective consciousness‘, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

If you accept the validity of the above definition, which no one else has changed on Wikipedia since October 2016 (at the time of writing these words), then the technology WE as Humans have created has already given rise to what WE as Humans have already defined as a VIRTUAL Collective Consciousness (VCC).

The World Wide Web itself, which the social media platforms described above use and what WE all rely on today, were only possible once the intentional actions to realise an idea, by a fellow Human just like you Tim Berners-Lee.

Let me also touch on the other main idea above – the idea of a collective consciousness

Collective Consciousness

Countless civilisations and societies before us, such as the Mayans and Egyptians all strongly believed and organised themselves around some form of shared or collective consciousness. In recent years this type of thinking has also been termed a hive mind.

Collective consciousnesscollective conscience, or collective conscious (Frenchconscience collective) is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society.[1] In general, it does not refer to the specifically moral conscience, but to a shared understanding of social norms.[2] 

Wikipedia contributors. “Collective consciousness.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

It is MY firm belief that both the idea and acknowledgement of such a shared consciousness and how much WE are all interlinked has been lost in Humans in recent times.

‘I’ would also suggest this probably isn’t an accident, given what WE as Humans know about divide and rule as a technique to break up the power large groups of Humans have.

This artificial division is in front of us every hour of every day, even if you don’t instinctively recognise it anymore. One obvious example is how you are bombarded via today’s 24 hour, rolling news ‘programmes’ where guests are divided via political party affiliations, sexuality or race etc. Such lines as “You are either with us or against us” are commonplace everywhere and these perpetuate the supposed divisions between us Humans that aren’t even real.

Image source unknown

‘I’ would also suggest that this collective enforced (and deliberately manufactured?) Human amnesia is THE primary reason WE are unintentionally creating, seeing and feeling so much anguish in the world at present. Another way of expressing this is to say that most of us are spending OUR lives predominantly living in OUR subconscious minds rather than our conscious minds.

The topic of consciousness and even more specifically higher consciousness are discussed in great detail later within this documentation. However for now, as you can see from the previous consciousness related definition, a Virtual Collective Consciousness (VCC) is considered a bottom-up or grassroots process.

That means, it starts, like the technology and ideas which have given birth to it, with someone like you “…driven by the spontaneity, the homogeneity, and the synchronicity of their online actions.

In simple terms, think how social change movements in the world have been increasing and gaining even more power since the Arab Spring mentioned in the Wikipedia entry above?

For example, in the short time since ‘I’ started writing this text, one person, the incredible Greta Thunberg, at the age of just 16 years old, has managed to start a Global, bottom-up movement utilising the power of the internet and hashtags such as #ClimateStrike to awaken some sort of shared internal knowledge in us all of the damage WE are doing to the Earth!

Greta articulated what a lot of us instinctively knew and had been feeling deep down, that is, OUR relationship with planet Earth must change if WE as Humans can continue to survive, never mind thrive.

Such knowledge, once delivered and felt initially via the Virtual Collective Consciousness (VCC) was then present in each of OUR own individual consciousnesses, which in this case, then caused it to then spill out into the amazing Global climate protests against the current systems and controls. News channels and other existing mediums simply had no choice but to report on such events thus further sending this new information out yet wider still.

Mass actions such as this and the subsequent discussions they create, cause OUR shared, offline (non virtual) Collective Consciousness to increase in terms of new knowledge, like an important system update for all Humans.

One person, one year…
LEFT: August 28, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden – Greta Thunberg sits outside the Swedish parliament to raise awareness for climate change
RIGHT: September 20, 2019 Protesters during a Global Climate Strike in San Francisco, USA
 Image: MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Getty Images and REUTERS/Kate Munsch

The intelligent use of hashtags via social media are an amazing way to quickly collate and create initial virtual groups of people, fully utilising the Virtual Collective Consciousness (VCC) referenced above. What’s also amazing is once these ideas and feelings are awakened they don’t seem to be able to be ‘unthought’ or ‘unfelt’ – much like the saying of when the genie is out of the bottle. They often quickly spread offline to not only challenge the established societal norms but maybe push us as the whole Human species forward.

Another often overlooked power of Twitter hashtags is their ability to bypass the censorship of mainstream media. For example, take a look at the hashtags of #GiletJaunes #YellowVests on Twitter where French citizens have been out on the streets for 45 Saturdays in a row (as of 21.09.19) but yet the mainstream media are accused by the protesters of not reporting these protests enough or misreporting them when they do.

The incredible power the internet gives us all means, for the first time in human history, Humans are able to question the objectiveness and narratives the mainstream media and those in positions of power tell us on a Global level in almost real time.

However, please don’t take this amazing privilege for granted as practices such shadow banning and the wider issue of internet censorship are only increasing which is why the work of organisations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are so important.

‘I’ should also take a brief moment to explain the key idea of this documentation and movement, that is the concept of ReEvolution…


“Re-Evolution is when a living entity or a certain attribute of a living entity that had vanished comes naturally back into existence again. This is said to be caused by the requirements of adaptation to a changing environment. user, Biswajit Basu

‘I’ stumbled upon the above definition via a random to ME, user of the site called upon commencement of MY particular journey that started this documentation. ‘I’ had zero knowledge of who Biswajit was and hopefully still is(!), their paper qualifications, age, country of residence etc but these 38 words posted on the internet for FREE gave me a great base to connect some other ideas ‘I’ had been thinking about and feeling at the time. Thanks Biswajit and yet again the power of the Virtual Collective Consciousness!

Breaking the above quote down further, it can’t have escaped you that OUR environment is in an incredible state of change at the moment? It certainly hadn’t escaped Greta Thunberg above who hadn’t started her protests when ‘I’ found the above definition…

In terms of the physical environment, WE know deep down, or in OUR Collective Consciousness, that deforestation is only needed if WE each want to consume more ‘stuff’ WE don’t really need. Forests that have stood for centuries or more are only being cleared NOW to grow more food or graze cattle, to produce more paper for packaging, to enable more palm oil to grow or to make way for drilling machines to extract further fossil fuels.

In late 2019, Amazonian forests are burning yet again and the rates of such destruction is apparently increasing. The drilling machines have also been allowed back into Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park despite Ecuador’s president asking the World for just 20% of the market value of the oil below there to NOT allow further drilling – he received just 0.37%.

These fossil fuels are then used to enable us to power OUR transport in order to worship at the alter of multi national corporations in soulless carbon copy retail outlets. They are also used in the mass production of the plastics these retailers stock which WE all know are also polluting OUR oceans but WE are too lazy to outright reject as consumers!

The sooner WE can admit to ourselves that it is OUR actions overall as OUR collective Human versions of ourselves that are causing such a radically changing environment, the sooner WE can hopefully change the course of OUR future.


The technological environment is also in a HUGE state of change with some stating we are actually living in a Fourth Industrial Revolution with technology disrupting education, transport, employment and countless other Human experiences daily.

Given such HUGE environmental changes, could The Universe, God, Mother Nature or whatever you personally believe shapes or controls us Humans in some way here on Earth, be desperately trying to kick start a process of Human ReEvolution by showing us that WE are all linked?

Do WE already have the tools, feelings and knowledge inside us to save OUR species and maybe even the planet itself by not only rediscovering this very Human idea of a Collective Consciousness that previous generations of Humans instinctively felt?

No matter if you accept any of these potentially controversial (or even ridiculous) to you premises or not, by the end of this documentation, ‘I’ hope you will agree that the process of ANY external change can only start when you and others like you are open to new ideas and make changes in your own life.

Do Humans need Activism via Atavism!?

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

Briefly returning back to my opening mention of the simulated reality concept, ‘I’ personally don’t think WE are all living in some sort of giant computer software however ‘I’ can see Humans are similar to computers in a lot of ways.

Regardless of OUR physical hardware such as skin colour or genitalia, you are actually born with the capability to reprogram yourself, upgrade your software and patch your own vulnerabilities.

‘I’ can also state as fact that you will go through various ‘software’ versions of yourself as part of what WE all universally acknowledge as ‘life’ and each version of yourself will be built on previous versions that you have released into the World.

These versions of you should be released into the world, no matter how buggy or experimental you think they are as it is only by making such releases public with fellow Humans you can find out who you really are.

Such personal growth, no matter how painful it may seem at the time, via your own conscious incremental software releases is one of the most fundamental things that defines us as Human. If you don’t embrace personal growth and simply let others define you then you might as well be inside a computer simulation as a pre defined Role Playing Game (RPG) character someone else created!

Hopefully, by using this documentation as a guide, alongside your innate Human intelligence rather than trying to rely on ever expanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the technology WE surround ourselves with you can, if you really want to, become the best version of you possible.

Human ‘software’, like it’s technological equivalent, isn’t meant to be stuck at a certain developmental level though. In the software world, there is something known as abandonware which describes software that is ignored by its owner and for which support is no longer available.

Unfortunately, in the current modern Human World, the parallels to abandonware in the computer World are striking to ME. WE as Humans too often neglect ourselves, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually and if we don’t have the strength to seek external support from others it results in our personal development stalling and tragically can often result in the end of another miraculous Human life via the ever increasing global suicide rates.

It is therefore MY intention to help you continuously improve and not get stuck at a certain release level because, as you will read later, this is especially dangerous in ALL Humans in terms of OUR shared basic universal Human Needs. If you never become who you are meant to be then, ‘I’ believe it is much harder for us ALL as a species to help each other fulfill our collective Human potential and potentially continue our collective development as Humans at all.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Therefore in order to help ME to release future updates of this documentation to you and others like you ‘I’ really need you to provide feedback to ME via a similar process that also originated in the software World but which has now also spread to other areas of the modern World – open collaboration.

An exact definition of open collaboration is not agreed upon as far as ‘I’ am aware but the one that rings truest to ME is that open collaboration is based on the three principles of egalitarianism, meritocracy, and self-organisation.

Therefore taking all the above into account, the most effective way you can collaborate openly with ME and others like you is by being part of the #HumanReEvolution movement as per the support page:

  • You can join the others via a new Human ReEvolution community ‘I’ have set up for those looking to safely discuss ideas and concepts touched upon here with others like you. More details here.
  • You can provide direct feedback via the Like and Dislike buttons at the bottom of every page.
  • You can mention the @ReEvolution_ Twitter account when discussing topics on Twitter you think could or should be in future releases.
  • You can mention the Instagram account with visual images you think could or should be within future releases.
  • You can tag ANYTHING via the two social media accounts above that you think should be discussed or covered in future releases of this documentation using #HumanReEvolution

‘I’ also think it is important that ‘I’ promise you at this point that where ‘I’ feel ‘I’ have nothing meaningful to say or contribute, ‘I’ will follow these words from a far wiser person than myself

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

What ‘I’ can also promise you is that ‘I’ am not going to be trying to sell you anything during this documentation and the web site will always be 100% FREE however there are ways you can support ME and this movement financially if you want: Support page.

This documentation is also published anonymously because I’m not interested in inflating or pandering to MY own ego – see the about page for more on this. This documentation is the most ambitions altruistic thing ‘I’ have ever done and the World needs more Altruism now more than ever!

So now you know have the fundamental reasoning behind this uneconomic, nonacademic, non traditional and hopefully disruptive ‘book’ you are engaged in right now but if you remember only one thing from this introduction the please let it be this….

MY sole intention is to guide you in order to align your life’s sole purpose with your soul’s purpose.


Still here?

Great let’s begin then…

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