There are various ways you can support the Human ReEvolution and most of these cost you nothing other than time…

Respectful Discussion

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

Bill Nye
  • Tell ME – EVERY page within the documentation allows you to hit a Like or Dislike button at the bottom of the page AND then allow you to write feedback. PLEASE do at least one of these as ‘I’ will READ ALL FEEDBACK and potentially use this to improve this for our fellow Humans.
  • Tell the others – by talking about the Human ReEvolution and any of the topics that really interest you with family, friends and strangers online AND offline, respectfully. This will then hopefully not only help you further on your path to understanding who the real version of you is but will also help those you discuss this work with on THEIR journey.
  • Join the others – β€˜I’ have also taken the time to set up a new Human ReEvolution community for those looking to discuss ideas and concepts touched upon within the documentation via a new type of online community space. Head over there and request an invite to start finding the others.

Social Media

The ‘official’ Human ReEvolution social media accounts are linked from every page of the web site as well as below for you again now

As this whole project was just set up by one other fellow Human like you please tag ANYTHING you think could lead others to this web site, ideas and work online with #HumanReEvolution

Please also SHARE any of the pages or copy and share any of text on these pages with others online with the hashtag #HumanReEvolution

‘I’ will be trying to also follow all social media posts tagged with #HumanReEvolution in addition to the mentions and feedback submitted on and will try to reply and interact with as many of these as possible πŸ™


This text, web site, social media accounts etc were all created by this singular fellow Human, ME! ‘I’ did so whilst juggling all the other commitments necessary in MY life in order to provide the basics of food, water and shelter for myself and my family as well as all MY other Human Needs.

‘I’ would LOVE to be able to make writing and extending this work MY sole purpose as I genuinely feel it is already my soul’s purpose!

With this in mind you can donate or pay what you think this work is or has been worth to you via the following fairer form of money called Bitcoin which is a Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1ql3wn2fdkfxj0hzujrv7zslqs520n85pwcn4js8

Bitcoin donation address

‘I’ appreciate donating via the above will be harder for you if you have never used Bitcoin before compared to if ‘I’ was to give you MY standard bank account details or a PayPal email address. However, due to the current money system WE all use and which controls us today, such as credit cards and PayPal etc all being 100% traceable and this whole project trying to be 100% anonymous, ‘I’ can only accept donations via the above method πŸ™

Buying then sending ME Bitcoin for the first time will also take you a little longer to do but ‘I’ can assure you it won’t be anywhere near as long as ‘I’ spent creating this documentation and ANY donation no matter what size will be very much appreciated πŸ‘

With this in mind, please visit the following link to learn more about Bitcoin and how you can own and use the best democratic and decentralised form of money WE have today via a trusted site:

Seriously, thank you, genuinely and deeply for anything you pass MY way financially.

‘I’ should also say that ‘I’ am not looking to turn the #HumanReEvolution into a lifestyle business for ME personally. Ideally, ‘I’ would love to set up a not for profit / foundation for all of this that allowed me to take a % of the money generated in order to cover MY time so ‘I’ can then work on this full time, alongside others in the future to make real differences in the world. ‘I’ would like to use something like to have full public transparency for all money generated and spent as part of this but this feels a long way off for now!

Collaboration / Offers of paid work

In addition to the above support based around this specific work ‘I’ am also possibly open to offers of remote work helping other already established organisations (no matter what size) that are truly aligned with the wider goals WE all have of true systemic change.

If your organisation needs someone like ME to get your message out and working better for you via the web / social media or activism efforts then get in touch via one of the methods above.

NOTE: ‘I’ would only be able to work with you and your organisation and communicate via the web / email during our time together and any payments for such work would have to be via Cryptocurrency only for the various reasons already stated.